Trachten Lederhose Short

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Trachten Lederhosen Outfit

Faisal international corp is popular in german traditional clothing manufacturing. We provide a wide range of traditional Oktoberfest clothing, which are used in german culture. We manufacture the trachten lederhose short with good material and quality. We can design the Damen lederhosen, kinder lederhosen, and other german traditional clothing according to your demand and cultural festivals. We are manufacturing the men, women, and kid’s trachten lederhosen. Our leather quality is good and also provides high-quality 3D embroidery according to your choice. Trachten Lederhose Short leather is collected from animals. We deal in a wide range of leather gear like leather jacket, custom leather vests and etc.


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Lederhosen-short is made for German men as a symbol of strength. These lederhosen shorts were first introduced to Bavarian lives. They continue to represent German men’s pride. Lederhosen shorts are usually worn on German festivals to represent their culture. They are specifically worn at the Oktoberfest festival. This lederhosen was only worn for work purposes at the start. But then in the 19th century, they take place in European fashion. Soon these were recognized as the symbol of their pride, culture, and strength, etc. This German well-stitched lederhosen is made of soft and flexible leather that gives you full comfort. You can wear them with an embroidered shirt as well. The fabric has a fine silver embossed embroidery that shines on the pocket and suspender flaps. These Lederhosen are mid-sized on the knee and the fabric stretches according to your body for a comfortable fit. It also includes a classic checkered shirt with a checkered blue pattern.


Looking for top-quality lederhosen short?

You are at the right place!

  • Made of original cow suede leather accessorize with 100% matching suspenders, extra buttons, and laces.
  • 100% original and authentic premium leather.
  • The highest quality, decorated with quality embroidery and traditional knife pockets.
  • 2 front and 1 knife pocket on one side.
  • 1 rear pocket.
  • The tie in the back of the waist gives you an adjustable fit.
  • Given the nature of the material leather and hand-stitched buttons and laces, all are made carefully.
  • Helps to complete a 100% Bavarian look.
  • Provide comfortable yet attractive style.
  • Designed for different German festivals or themed events.
  • Ideally designed for Oktoberfest and Halloween festivals.
  • Stylish and decent that you can wear for work as well.
  • Fit to size therefore we recommend you to order you’re normal size.
  • Hand or machine wash.
  • Tumble or hang dry.
  • Bavarian short in classic colors.
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